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Top Grading – Hiring for Attitude

This past Wednesday I had the privilege to share the Topgrading Process for a group of business leaders in an Executive Forum meeting in West Des Moines. One of the participants asked a question about the interview process. “Why doesn’t Topgrading ask questions that probe for the person’s attitude?”  You may have read Kids Say the […]

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Communication is Leadership (Uncontainable – Kip Tindell)

Communication is Leadership Verne Harnish has long lauded Kip Tindell’s book Uncontainable as one of the best business books he’s ever read. Tindell shares a fervent belief in the concept of Conscious Capitalism.  We explored this in 3 Rules, 5 Attributes Make A Good Company Achieve Business Growth!  Companies like Costco, Whole Foods and Southwest Airlines, living this […]

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Strategy – What is it?

Strategy is simply, the sum of an organization’s choices about where it will compete, how it will create superior value for its customers, and how it will generate superior returns to its investors. In a world of limited resources, a company that tries to be all things to all people, with no specific focus or […]

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