5 x Dysfunctions of a Team – Leadership



Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage, because it is both so powerful and so rare. A high-functioning team can achieve its potential, resulting in a more productiveorganization. Additionally, improving teamwork is an important endeavor beyond merely helping organizations become more effective. It also reduces the stress and dissatisfaction of the people who populate those organizations, which has a profound impact on the lives of their friends and family members as well.


The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop – guides an intact team through a series of powerful exercises that help team members improve in each of five key fundamentals: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. The Workshop provides team leaders with an in-depth understanding of the model and techniques for applying the theory to help their teams become more cohesive and productive.


These workshops differ in several respects from other types of team training.


The focus is on providing practical tools for improving in each of the five fundamentals. And instead of simply learning theory as a prelude to improvement, workshop participants actually take the first steps toward becoming or leading a more highly functioning team.

The model is not complex. It’s easy to understand, and the real behavioural change comes from practice. This training program is highly interactive and creates and environment in which team members can evaluate themselves and their teams to increase performance.


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