Business Model Generation


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  • Are you constantly thinking about how to create value and build new businesses, or how to improve or transform your organization?
  • Are you trying to find innovative ways of doing business to replace old, outdated ones?
  • Are you an entrepreneurial spirit?

Then this Business Model Generation process is for you.



The Business Model Generation Workshop is a way rapidly of exposing all the moving parts of the business, and bring focus to exposing both the “Current State” business and potential “Future State” business model and develop with you the transition/implementation plan.


This Process is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model. We introduce you to the 9 building blocks that make up the Business Model Canvas and during our workshops we step you through the 9 building blocks and challenge what you do and why you do it to in each area.


The mapping of an organization’s existing business model, including its strengths and weaknesses, is an essential starting point to improve the current business model and/or develop new future business models. At the very least the game leads to a refined and shared understanding of an organization’s business model. At its best it helps players develop strategic directions for the future by outlining new and/or improved business models for the organization.



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