Series 1: Getting Your House in Order
“On time, every time, exactly as promised”
The sole purpose of this series is to create order in your business. “On time, every time, exactly as promised.” You learn to apply The E-Myth Fundamentals in your business to develop a turn-key system that works

Module 1

Foundations of E-Myth Leadership
The Leader’s Road Map
Purpose: Create the vision for your business and develop fundamental leadership skills and systems to help you get there.

Module 2

E-Myth Marketing Fundamentals
Communicating the Promise
Purpose: Understand your markets-who they are, how their minds work, and how they make decisions-and create a comprehensive Marketing Strategy that will draw them to you.

Module 3

E-Myth Money Fundamentals
Controlling Your Money
Purpose: Understand and implement principles and systems to control your money, rather than it controlling you.

Module 4

Foundations of E-Myth Management
Delivering Accountability through Your People
Purpose: Create orchestrated business systems for achieving results through others and involving your employees in business development.

Module 5

Foundations of E-Myth Client Fulfillment
Delivering on Your Promise
Purpose: Align your systems with E-Myth principles so that your clients experience “on time, every time, exactly as promised.”

Module 6

Foundations of E-Myth Lead Conversion
Offering the Opportunity
Purpose: Align your selling systems with the needs and preferences of your prospective customers; “yes” becomes inevitable!

Module 7

Foundations of E-Myth Lead Generation
Broadcasting the Promise
Purpose: Create awareness and preference for your products and your company; attain the top-of-mind position in your market.