Series 3: Getting Free of Your Business
“Getting what you really want out of your business and your life”

The ultimate application of The E-Myth Point of View is Series 3: Getting Free of Your Business. The business now functions predictably and efficiently, without dependence on the owner. “Getting Free of Your Business” means to finally let go. Imagine, a business that works without you, freeing you to do the work you want to do. That’s The E-Myth Way. A true taste of personal and financial freedom!

Module 15

Turn-Key E-Myth Leadership
Building Leadership into Your Business Systematically
Purpose:Build E-Myth Leadership by developing leadership skills for your people and leadership systems for your business.

Module 16

Turn-Key E-Myth Marketing
Making Bigger Promises…and Keeping Them
Purpose:Step up your marketing with marketing economics, marketing psychonomics, strategic marketing, and more effective decision-making techniques.

Module 17

A World of Buyers Who Don’t Have to Be “Sold”
Purpose:Integrate lead generation and lead conversion to build a flawless client acquisition system.

Module 18

Turn-Key E-Myth Client Fulfillment
The Leader in Your Field
Purpose:Take the perpetual cycle of innovation, quantification, and orchestration to its limit and integrate all other business functions with your client fulfillment.

Module 19

Turn-Key E-Myth Finance
Your Business As a Money Machine
Purpose:Maximize the market value of your business (whether or not you intend to sell it) and create top-to-bottom financial management.

Module 20

Turn-Key E-Myth Management
The Stand-Alone Business
Purpose:Build an effective management team and transfer accountability for your business to them.

Module 21

The Power of You
A Life beyond Business
Purpose:Create your freedom plan (there is life beyond business) and look at next steps for your business, with or without you.