EI Assessments

Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment

The Leadership Emotional Intelligence (LEI) Assessment is aimed at significantly increasing the potency of leadership training, development and coaching. Designed specifically for leaders in today’s organizations, the LEI Assessment measures competency in four critical dimensions:

  • Personal Awareness
    Employees who see and touch the work improve performance by changing process methods
  • Self Mastery
    Impulse Control, Adaptability, Resilience
  • Leadership Connections
    Empathy, Transparency, Service
  • Influencing Others
    Optimism, Confidence, Inspiration

The LEI Assessment that is easy to complete, read and interpret. It allows leaders to rapidly determine their current emotional intelligence capabilities while providing a proven framework for the creation of highly personalized development plans. The assessment generates a detailed report on how frequently a leader demonstrates the behaviors and practices that are directly associated with leadership emotional intelligence and provides a comparative ranking with other leaders in organizations and the general population.