Execution – What is it?

Execution is not just tactics – it is a discipline and a system. It has to be built into a company’s strategy, its goals, and its culture. And the leader of the organization must be deeply engaged in it. He cannot delegate its substance. 

Execution is not just something that does or doesn’t get done. Execution is a specific set of behaviours and techniques that companies need to master in order to have competitive advantage. It is a discipline of its own. In big companies and small ones, it is the critical discipline for success.

Leading for execution is not rocket science. It’s very straightforward stuff. The main requirement is that you as a leader have to be deeply and passionately engaged in your organization and honest about its realities with others and yourself.

If you don’t know how to execute, the whole of your effort as a leader will always be less than the sum of its parts.

To understand execution, you have to keep three key points in mind:

  • Execution is a discipline, and integral to strategy.
  • Execution is the major job of the business leader.
  • Execution must be a core element of an organization’s culture.
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