Outthinker is a growth strategy facilitation process that collaborates with businesses to step out into the future to execute with clarity today. We believe the future belongs to those organizations bold enough to embrace – and shape – what comes next. We believe that the organizations that will thrive in the future will embrace solving problems that matter to the world as the best path to profit (they will be purpose- driven); see strategy as a vibrant, ongoing, company-wide conversation rather than a quarterly report; see employees as a critical source of advantage rather than a cost; embrace open, networked structures instead of top-down hierarchy; embrace the transformative power of digital technology; and adopt more agile approaches.

In 2004, a team of McKinsey consultants realized that traditional strategic planning approaches constrained innovative and strategic thinking. Conventional strategy approaches were designed to encourage businesses to repeat past strategies and performance.

Over the subsequent ten years, Kaihan Krippendorff after leaving McKinsey, lead hundreds of growth strategy efforts, carefully refined a proprietary process (The Outthinker Process®), and wrote four books along the way, most recently Outthink the Competition.

We have now applied this process to more than 1000 companies, including hundreds of midsized firms with ambitions to significantly amplify their impact and many of the largest companies in the world, including BNY Mellon, Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and TIAA-CREF.

By laying the strategic foundation to thrive in an agile, digital, open, and purpose-driven future, our clients:

  • achieve company-wide strategic clarity,
  • accelerate their growth rates by 100-120%
  • reduce the risk of predictable strategies producing mediocre performance, and
  • amplify their impact on their markets and the world