Tailored Leadership Development Plans

  • Our Tailored Leadership Development Plans are based on the outcomes after completing the 360 Degree Review and/or the LEI Assessment
  • Tailored Leadership Development Programs are ideal for clients who have a vision for leadership development that is part of an overall company strategy around people and culture.
  • Programs like these can run for anywhere between 6 months and 1 year and are most effective when they include a combination of workshops, coaching, E-learning and work-based follow-up.
  • In most cases, the client will have a specific set of performance competencies and capability gaps that need to be supported with tailored development. We provide the development.
  • We provide the Content and the Delivery (facilitation and coaching). The components that are often built together include program structure, module-design and the flow of delivery.
  • The main outcome of programs such as these is a significant increase in strategy ownership through changing behavior and creating inspiring leaders.