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Welcome to Strategy & Execution Advisors. We provide organisations and their leaders with facilitation support and executive education focused on strategy development & strategy execution. We support organisations seeking to create or refine excellent strategies and execute them quickly and effectively.

Strategy implementation failures are a major source of frustration for executives and cause of performance problems in businesses. Our aim is to ensure that clients can harness their own expertise about their businesses and apply it more effectively when planning for the future and managing the changes to realise their ambitions.

Our expertise is based on a mixture of wide business experience, effective tools as well as a great deal of consulting and executive education – all centred around strategy development & strategy implementation. Our approach to working with clients is as unique as our specialist focus. We always seek to challenge our clients’ thinking – but equally are unafraid to roll up our sleeves and help execute the ideas we help generate.

If you are preparing for strategy development and/or a strategy implementation challenge and are committed to creating value for your organisation, we look forward to hearing from you.

The strategy execution challenge

Strategy implementation is a matter of huge importance to all organisations – especially large and complex ones. In a recent survey barely 40% of executives surveyed rated their organisations as being successful at strategy execution. Despite the importance of execution, there are very few sources of support for managers tackling this challenge. Very little expertise has developed around this cross-disciplinary subject, and consultancies and business schools typically have little to offer practitioners.

What is strategy execution?

Strategy execution is fundamentally about translating strategies – i.e. conceptual ideas – into the concrete actions that together can realise these strategies and in turn, achieve key organisational objectives. Many organisations have both sound strategies and efficient operations, but often there is no clear relationship between the two. Strategy implementation is essentially about closing that commonly found gap.

Key strategy implementation issues

There are a number of interrelated issues critical to strategy implementation:

  • developing executable strategy
  • translating strategy into activities
  • business process redesign
  • performance measurement
  • strategic project management
  • organisation design
  • defining roles and responsibilities
  • capability development
  • strategic risk management
  • strategic HR

Our Philosophy

To identify and work the right issues, instead of forcing a packaged fit. We help you fix your problems without fixing your problems while restoring your company’s Natural Order.

What you can expect from us

  • To do good work and leave your company permanently and sustainably better for having worked with us
  • To tell the Truth, and bring competence and compassion
  • Tested and proven tools, methodologies, and knowledge sharing
  • Confidentiality, integrity, and no judgment
  • To follow through, including implementation assistance

What is the ROI for Investing in Your Business with Strategy and Execution Advisors?

We start with a disciplined, proven approach that will save you time and money.

How we can help?

We have deep expertise in each of these areas and assist our clients in understanding how they interrelate and can be harnessed to implement strategy successfully. We also help clients to make informed decisions about using management tools to help implement strategy. Please follow the links above or use the main menu to learn more about our work in these areas