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E-Myth Mastery Modules

The E-Myth Mastery Program - giving you more freedom, more money, and more life!

Through the E-Myth Mastery Program you will discover how to create the business you’ve always dreamed of owning. One that will allow you to work less, make more money, have more free time, and get more satisfaction and life out of your chosen endeavour. There are 3 series to the program each with 7 modules. View each series and module below.

We Tailor the Program by selecting the Modules that your business needs at the time to get the most impact.

Series 1: Getting Your House In Order

Series 1: Getting Your House In Order

“On time, every time, exactly as promised”

Series 2: Growing Your Business

Series 2: Growing Your Business

``Exceeding expectations as a matter of course.``

Series 3: Getting Free of Your Business

Series 3: Getting Free of Your Business

``Getting what you really want out of your business and your life``

Series 1: Getting Your House In Order

The sole purpose of this series is to create order in your business. “On time, every time, exactly as promised.” You learn to apply The E-Myth Fundamentals in your business to develop a turn-key system that works.

> Module 1: Foundations of E-Myth Leadership

The Leader's Road Map

Purpose: Create the vision for your business and develop fundamental leadership skills and systems to help you get there.

> Module 2: E-Myth Marketing Fundamentals

Communicating the Promise

Purpose: Understand your markets-who they are, how their minds work, and how they make decisions-and create a comprehensive Marketing Strategy that will draw them to you.

> Module 3: E-Myth Money Fundamentals

Controlling Your Money

Purpose: Understand and implement principles and systems to control your money, rather than it controlling you.

> Module 4: Foundations of E-Myth Management

Delivering Accountability through Your People

Purpose: Create orchestrated business systems for achieving results through others and involving your employees in business development.

> Module 5: Foundations of E-Myth Client Fulfillment

Delivering on Your Promise

Purpose: Align your systems with E-Myth principles so that your clients experience “on time, every time, exactly as promised.”

> Module 6: Foundations of E-Myth Lead Conversion

Offering the Opportunity

Purpose: Align your selling systems with the needs and preferences of your prospective customers; “yes” becomes inevitable!

> Module 7: Foundations of E-Myth Lead Generation

Broadcasting the Promise

Purpose: Create awareness and preference for your products and your company; attain the top-of-mind position in your market.

If your business requires your presence you don’t have a business, you have a job. – Michael Gerber

Series 2: Growing Your Business

For further advancement, E-Myth Mastery presents Series 2: Growing Your Business. The seven key areas are addressed again, this time with an emphasis on stimulating growth. Now that you have your business working for you rather than because of you, it’s time to grow your business. Expand your current operation or take your “Franchise Prototype” and replicate it as many times as you like. Either way, this program provides you with the tools to build your business to any size you desire.

> Module 8: The Emerging E-Myth Leader

Leading Your Company and Your People to a Higher Place

Purpose: Use The E-Myth Fundamentals to create a plan for growing and getting free of your business and developing advanced E-Myth Leadership skills.

> Module 9: E-Myth Management Momentum

Your Strategy for Finding the Right People

Purpose: Build an objective recruiting and hiring process that will help you attract and evaluate candidates and make the best hiring decisions.

> Module 10: E-Myth Money: Forward-Looking Finance

Fueling Your Growth

Purpose: Chart a path through the financial stresses and strains of growth, gearing up your financial management system.

> Module 11: E-Myth Marketing for Growth

The Promise That Hits the Mark

Purpose: Take a step up in the minds of your target markets and set the stage for growth.

> Module 12: E-Myth Client Fulfillment: Gearing Up for Growth

Clients for Life

Purpose: Reach “on time, every time, better than expected;” the “wow”factor in production, delivery, and client service.

> Module 13: E-Myth Lead Conversion: Making "Yes" Easy

Seizing the Opportunity

Purpose: High-performance selling with heart…build high-touch selling and high-volume efficiency at the same time.

> Module 14: E-Myth Lead Generation for Growth

Making the Magnetic Connection

Purpose: Get the right messages to the right markets with impact and cost- effectiveness.

Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably. – Michael Gerber

Series 3: Getting Free of Your Business

The ultimate application of The E-Myth Point of View is Series 3: Getting Free of Your Business. The business now functions predictably and efficiently, without dependence on the owner. “Getting Free of Your Business” means to finally let go. Imagine, a business that works without you, freeing you to do the work you want to do. That’s The E-Myth Way. A true taste of personal and financial freedom!

> Module 15: Turn-Key E-Myth Leadership

Building Leadership into Your Business Systematically

Purpose: Build E-Myth Leadership by developing leadership skills for your people and leadership systems for your business.

> Module 16: Turn-Key E-Myth Marketing

Making Bigger Promises…and Keeping Them

Purpose: Step up your marketing with marketing economics, marketing psychonomics, strategic marketing, and more effective decision-making techniques.

> Module 17: Turn-Key E-Myth Client Acquisition

A World of Buyers Who Don't Have to Be "Sold"

Purpose: Integrate lead generation and lead conversion to build a flawless client acquisition system.

> Module 18: Turn-Key E-Myth Client Fulfillment

The Leader in Your Field

Purpose: Take the perpetual cycle of innovation, quantification, and orchestration to its limit and integrate all other business functions with your client fulfillment.

> Module 19: Turn-Key E-Myth Finance

Your Business As a Money Machine

Purpose: Maximize the market value of your business (whether or not you intend to sell it) and create top-to-bottom financial management.

> Module 20: Turn-Key E-Myth Management

The Stand-Alone Business

Purpose: Build an effective management team and transfer accountability for your business to them.

> Module 21: The Power of You

A Life beyond Business

Purpose: Create your freedom plan (there is life beyond business) and look at next steps for your business, with or without you.

Building a World Class Company is a commitment to the integration of passion, purpose, and practice. – Michael Gerber

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