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Business Model Generation

Visualize, design, and re-invent your business model.

The Business Model Generation Workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs create value and build new businesses. It helps to improve or transform existing businesses, and assists you in finding innovative ways of doing business to replace old, outdated ones. Rapidly expose all the moving parts of the business and bring focus to exposing both the “Current State” business and potential “Future State” business model. It provides a clear view of your value proposition, operations, customers, and finances. This workshop will help you develop a transition and implementation plan.


The 9 Building Blocks of Business Model Generation

  • Unique value proposition
  • Customer segments
  • Key Resources
  • Channels
  • Customer Relationships
  • Revenue Streams
  • Key Activities
  • Key Partners
  • Cost Structure

Your business model makes or breaks your start-up.

The mapping of an organization’s existing business model, including its strengths and weaknesses, is an essential starting point to improve the current business model and/or develop new future business models. At the very least the game leads to a refined and shared understanding of an organization’s business model. At its best it helps players develop strategic directions for the future by outlining new and/or improved business models for the organization. Rather than a lengthy multi-page business plan, the Business Model Generation provides you with all of the key elements of your business in one single page.

Why the Business Model Generation works

Clear, Concise and Focused

Clear, Concise and Focused

It helps you design and document your business plan in a simple, easily modifiable layout. It makes it easy to communicate all aspects with key stakeholders of the business.

Customer Value Proposition

Customer Value Proposition

It forces you to think deeply about what your business delivers to your customers, which problems it helps solve, and which customer needs are satisfied.

Reduces Failure Risk

Reduces Failure Risk

With a proven, scientific framework, it helps you effectively execute your strategy and gives you a competitive edge.

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