Argenti Strategic Planning Process

Argenti Process for Strategic Planning

The Argenti Strategic Planning Process is a robust system that helps organisations create clear, logical and simple strategic plans. It takes a look at:

  • What your organisation is trying to do (your objective)
  • How you can measure the objective
  • Uncovering past performance and projecting future performance
  • Setting targets
  • Performing SWOT analysis
  • Developing strategies which build on the strengths, overcome the weaknesses, take advantage of the opportunities and counter the threats to fill the gaps
  • Developing action plans for effective execution

Below are some helpful and insightful articles.

Elephant hunting

Argenti is famous for his “elephants”, the big strategic issues (he maintains there are never more than six in any company). Get them right and the smaller issues will fall in line. Get them wrong and smaller issues will be the least of your worries.”

Key Management Tool

The Argenti system asks companies why they are in business as a way of focusing on strategy. It forces the creation of a strategic direction for the business and puts profit and the question of return on capital at the centre of the business.

Argenti Business Manual

If National Australia Bank’s (NAB) chief executive, John Stewart, does not have a copy of the Argenti System in his office, he had better get one – quickly. Argenti, a strategic planning technique, is the business bible by which Michael Chaney lives his  life.

Strategic Focus

The right amount of stress in a boardroom can be the catalyst to spark an effective board and bring out the creative tensions which generate new ideas to address old problems. Too much stress, though, and a board risks spiralling into unproductive wastelands.

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