A World of Opportunities Checklist

At the end of every year, I review “my opportunity checklist.” which I created at least two decades ago for one of my favourite programs. “A World of Opportunity.” It’s not a list of resolutions. It’s a list of aspirations for being my best self and living my most fulfilling life. I will focus on writing and publishing two books and improving my strength and muscle tone.

It’s a joy to share my list with you, hoping it will stimulate you always to be your best self.

The Opportunity Checklist

  1. Accept full responsibility for my life and my fate.
  2. Make the most out of every day. (Each day is a gift.)
  3. Test and strengthen my willpower.
  4. Improve my mind.
  5. Volunteer for a cause.
  6. Improve my health, strength, and muscle tone.
  7. Create my destiny.
  8. Travel both near and far – (post covid) see cultures through fresh eyes.
  9. Save and invest money for the right opportunity.
  10. Read more of the classics and ideas of brilliant thinkers.
  11. Write – my thoughts, ideas, and experiences.
  12. Focus on the positives in my life and my world.
  13. Touch someone.
  14. Be forgiven.
  15. Forgive.
  16. Think creatively.
  17. Replace a bad habit with a good one.
  18. See the world’s negatives as an opportunity for change (i.e., Mothers Against Drunk Drivers – M.A.D.D.).
  19. Get away from my routine and seek inspiration.
  20. Love and be worthy of love.
  21. Learn something new.
  22. Spend more time with my friends and give unconditional support.
  23. Make a positive and meaningful difference in others’ lives.
  24. Become and remain my best self.
  25. Be opportunity-minded. Don’t dwell on problems. Focus on solutions.
  26. Be an invaluable coach to my clients.
  27. Act decisively.
  28. Say thank you.

The five principles of opportunity

  1. Open doors – one door opens, other doors
  2. Preparation + opportunity = success
  3. Problems are the fertile soil from which opportunities emerge
  4. Opportunities are everywhere
  5. The greatest opportunities are within us


This article was written by Rich Russakoff from Coach To The Best.

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