Five Killer Competencies – Strategic Learning Cycle

The book Strategic Learning, by Willie Pietersen describes how to rapidly respond to change and gain a sustainable advantage over your competitors. This is done through a 5 step strategic learning cycle (5 Killer Competencies).

In todays turbulent times, traditional strategic planning methods no longer work. The 5 Killer Competencies build adaptive organizations which are able to assess the shifting environment and rapidly translate insights. This achieves winning strategies over and over again.

Strategy and Execution Advisors and our Scaling Up methodology follows these principles to keep you on track in these areas.

5 Killer Competencies – Strategic Learning Cycle


The daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual planning meeting rhythms require your company to keep pace with the internal and external issues you face.  Each weekly meeting provides a specific agenda focused on customer and employee data.  Pattern Recognition is extremely important to develop insights and these meeting rhythms provide the foundation for developing insights into your business on a regular basis.


Monthly, quarterly and annual planning meetings provide the structure to apply focus to your top priorities.  The quarterly planning meeting requires your business to concentrate on three to five top priorities choosing one issue as your top priority or ONE THING.  Following the Gazelles and Positioning Systems rhythm meetings principles will keep your team focused on the right things.  Furthermore establishing metrics for company, department and individual priorities, then monitoring them in each meeting will assure focus is maintained.


Our One Page Strategic Plan is the perfect tool to align the organization from top to bottom.  The entire organization, including metrics and reward systems [Quarterly Planning includes rewards and celebrations], organizational structures and processes, the business culture [BHAG, Purpose, Core Values], and the necessary motivation [Company, department and individual dashboards] of your people- are aligned and energizing your team’s strategic focus on the right priorities.


Combining meeting rhythms with a focus on the right metrics and priorities accentuates execution. Weekly meetings provide opportunity for collective intelligence where the power of the team drill into challenges and opportunities.  Monthly meetings provide time to dedicate to learning, education and longer time frames to solve problems.  Finally Strategy and Execution Advisors provides dedication to defining the key systems in your business that differentiation your company from your competition.


Routine sets you free. Meeting Rhythms, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually offer the discipline necessary to constantly review your plan, set new priorities and continually move toward your next target.

Does your business require this kind of attention to stay ahead of your competition? Or is it what you desire to achieve its potential?

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